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I’m a holistic coach and practitioner of the healing arts. I am a long-time lover and learner of all things energetic to optimize health. I believe peace, happiness and inspiration is important work in the world. I began to share what I learned with others in 2017, after studying at the school for the Arts of Energetic Healing.
I am a Reiki Master, a certified coach with Heartmath Inc., and a certified Chopra Global meditation instructor.

Work with me

I offer a personalized experience through science based techniques, sound journeys and meditation.  Guiding you through movement, mindset and soulwork, you’ll feel empowered to allow your internal compass to direct your outer world.  The result is a stronger energy field and a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.   Navigating life with increased happiness, radiance and peace will take less effort as you learn to trust your own inner wisdom.

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You can email me at [email protected] 


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